Atlantic City: Waiting To Be Told

The teaser for Atlantic City: Waiting To Be Told

ATLANTIC CITY - In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Atlantic City was the resort of choice for countless people from Philadelphia, New York and beyond. It was truly a city with a style all its own, mixing trendy clubs, grand hotels, headliner entertainment and detailed architecture all running next to a beautiful beach and boardwalk. It was also a city that made its own rules through some dirty politics, mob influence, illegal gambling, and rum running. "Atlantic City: Waiting To Be Told" presents an in-depth look into the Atlantic City of years past while drawing comparisons to what exists today. This film creates a portrait of Atlantic City through a series of interviews with some of the people who knew it best—its families, visitors, and admirers—providing fresh new insights into what really made this city what it is today.

The featurette created for the fundraiser held at Resort's Atlantic City